Big tall men dating

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A UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE Because so much of everyday experience is caused by our bodies and the reactions to them it seemed natural to create a site with a strong focus on a unique body type.

Tall guys are often stereotyped, idealized and even vilified.

MEET THE RIGHT SIZED GUYS Some enjoy the unique power dynamic set up by an extreme difference in height and size.

Usually this is not an issue for tall men, but surprisingly this becomes a big issue for tall women.

When it comes down to it, personality and character tend to take precedence far beyond anything else, including height.

If height matters to you, post a free profile (or two) and let the guys find you! We've started with men who love men because this site evolved out of a social network for gay, queer, bisexual, and questioning men called, TALL MEN TOGETHER.

A UNIQUE SERVICE Every aspect of Tall has been designed to reflect the way men find each other in real life, not some ultra PC dream world like mainstream gay sites. We are working on the expansion of this site to cover other sexual orientations and hope to have those areas of the site up at sometime in the future.

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