How to go from the friend zone to dating

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Do you listen to them grouse about their romantic disappointments and sexual rejections, all the while hoping, praying, yearning for them to have an Eric Stoltz-in-“Some Kind of Wonderful” revelation and realize that you’ve been the One For Them, right there, all along?If so, according to the You Tube comedy duo the Wing Girls, you are in the dreaded “friend zone.” The term refers to a platonic relationship where one party has unrequited romantic feelings for the other, essentially banishing him or her to the Bermuda Triangle of the dating world.But the term itself has some problematic implications, mostly because it’s often used as a talking point for heterosexual men voicing their frustrations with the opposite sex.For this reason, and the six others listed below, I propose we focus not on how to get out of the friend zone, but on why we should stop using the term altogether, effectively banishing the Friend Zone to, well, the Friend Zone. Since the term was first coined in a 1994 episode of “Friendswhere Joey refers to a lovelorn Ross as the “mayor of the friend zone,” it has evolved into a catch-all term for unrequited sexual interest, generating countless memes, a Chris Rock standup routine and an eponymous MTV reality dating show. And it can get turned on and turned off in a second. That’s not the way a healthy relationship starts out. It doesn’t work out with every single person you meet. Rejection is feared by many but it should be embraced by all.

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