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Love is in the air, but needs a little help to get going and Jane is determined to help her friends out.Billy is caught off guard when Zoe invites him to meet her parents and he isn’t so sure he is ready to take that step.event hosted by Bloomingdale's in NYC and got the juicy inside scoop on the upcoming episodes. What can we look forward to in the upcoming episodes? She's British in real life, so she'll do tea and biscuits, which has become a big part of my life.17. Just belting a dress makes a world of difference, so bring a belt and try on some dresses! Plus, she looked so chic, we couldn't resist asking her for some fashion tips. Her entire outfit is by Aqua, available exclusively at Bloomingdale's). Erica Dasher: You can look forward to a lot more drama. Jane's mother has returned home to Jane and Ben, and she stays awhile.Her brother Ben (David Clayton Rogers) tries to make money by getting jobs, but the jobs never work out until he lands one as the athletic assistant at Jane's school.The only woman who doesn’t know it is Gray, and after Jane kept secrets last week, it’s up to the teen assistant to break the bad news (as Gray breaks her phone).Gray needs to loosen up, and Jane’s mom, Kate, thinks of the perfect way.

Other co-workers include Carter (Ser’Darius Blain) and Birdie (Brooke Lyons).

Two of Jane’s co-workers are Jeremy Jones (Rowly Dennis) and India Jourdain (India de Beaufort).

Jeremy is a charming and handsome senior designer who’s known as a ladies’ man around the office. Meanwhile, India does her best to make Jane’s life difficult at the fashion house, seeing her as just a bump in the road to what she ultimately wants.

She's an incredible baker, so I make her make food for me to eat. I think Goodwill is a fun place to start because you can often find really cool patterns on dresses.

I like that each piece is unique and the quality of the craftmanship in vintage clothes is harder to come by, unless you can afford more expensive clothes.17: It can be hard work digging through the clothes you don't want to find really special, unique pieces. ED: When I was in school at USC, there would be theme parties and my friends and I would all go to Goodwill.

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