Ms frontpage help in updating web sites

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These instructions are for Hit Director hosting customers who own a copy of Microsoft Front Page, and want to use it to publish their websites that they have built using Front Page.

You do not need to buy or use Front Page to create a website with Hit Director.

Workbetter across browsers simplifying deployment and maintenance.

Otherwise, visit Microsoft's Front Page Support Page. I am editing the files on my computer and then uploading them through FTP. • There are a bunch of weird files and directories in my account. • My Front Page Web Site is generating error messages and cannot find certain pages. • I already have the files for my site in a directory on my hard disk. Please be aware that Front Page maintains index and configuration files on the remote site.

If you add web pages to the site with plain FTP, the changes will not be recorded, and Front Page may not function normally.

If you are creating/editing your site while connected to the Internet, click here.

If you are have created your Web Site offline, follow these steps to publish it on your Web Server: The counter and other "Web Bots" will only start working when your Web Site is on the Web Server.

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