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In a new podcast with Bret Easton Ellis, actress Anne, 47, who has been married to James Tupper since 2007, has suggested that Portia De Rossi’s career has suffered since marrying Ellen.“She was a lead on television shows and a celebrated actress and I haven’t seen her career exploding,” said Anne.Ellen claimed the cancellation was due to negative reaction to her homosexuality.Some critics have retorted that such claims are rubbish; the show just wasn't that funny when people thought she was straight, and despite a burst of inspired creativity surrounding her coming out of the closet, the show's death came because it gradually returned to the same tired comic premises that had failed to inspire viewership in the past.Think Ellen De Generes and Anne Heche a few years back. Ok did an analysis of people who identify as bisexual on their dating website. Bisexuals in their 20s and early 30s make contact with both men and women pretty evenly.

An eyewitness says, "It looked like they were really enjoying themselves. Ellen and Gillian were obviously having the time of their lives and didn't care who saw them.

De Generes ended things in 2004 when she hooked up with Portia De Rossi.

She Just Sold Her House: No word if Hedison and Foster now live together, but Hedison sold her two-bedroom Laurel Canyon home on Sept.

But now the funny lady has been resurrected by CBS.

The series, to be shown next year, sees her play a lesbian who returns to her hometown in the Midwest...

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