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It was not uncommon to meet women who needed to be treated for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) because their husbands are having extra marital affairs while abroad. There is limited access to effective contraception, so the rate of abortion, which is legal up to 12 weeks, is high.They are upfront about this, though it surprised me how openly they talked about it. Most of the women who seek an abortion are married, already have two or three children, and do not feel they can provide for a larger family.Her father was an Armenian Jew and mother was born and bought up in India. Like her mother, she was also trained in Indian music and dance.When she was 6, her parents parted ways and later Victoria, her mother, took her to Banaras in 1881.

There are a total of 14 stations along this path, based on events that occurred on the way to the Golgotha hill, the site of crucifixion, which is located at the Via Dolorosa is located within the old city of Jerusalem.

Her daughter, the star of our story, Angelina Yeoward was renamed as ‘Gauhar Jaan’.

Malka Jaan became popular by the name Badi Malka Jaan, as there were three other Malka Jaan, younger than her.

They usually stay away for 10 months out of the year.

Some men have even started new families in their work countries. ”This has created a huge problem and is one of the reasons why STIs, including HIV, are on the rise in Armenia.

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