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The show includes songs from throughout David's career, solo and with Pink Floyd, including 'One Of These Days', the only song that was also performed at the band’s 1971 show, and six songs from ‘Rattle that Lock’, as well as two from 2006’s ‘On An Island’.

Both concerts also saw very special performances of 'The Great Gig In The Sky' from 'The Dark Side Of The Moon', which David rarely plays as a solo artist.

Polly Samson (born 29 April 1962) is an English novelist, lyricist and journalist, who is married to musician David Gilmour.

She has helped with the lyrics to many of Gilmour's works both as a solo artist and with the group Pink Floyd.

For decades, rock and roll provided an uncomplicated gender hierarchy.

Men wrote the music, made the money and became the self-appointed messiahs. Indeed, even in our enlightened times having a beau in a band is an easy way of proving you’re the cool girl, guaranteed to be the last one at the best party swigging straight from a bottle of something hard and hanging off the arm of a dangerously dishevelled lover. Granted, a man wrote that but it doesn’t negate the revolution: these days, while being the girlfriend of the boy in the band is still pretty fabulous, the real cool girls are making the music, the money — and the boys sweat.

Resident Neil Williams, who will lose all sunlight to his kitchen and living room during winter because of the new building, said he was “extremely disappointed” having hoped architects would make further concessions to limit the impact on neighbours.

Samson's collection of stories, Perfect Lives, was published in November 2010 by Virago Press. Architect Keb Garavito-Bruhn said the original brief was to retain it but it had suffered significant deterioration to exposed brickwork and damage from its previous use by diamond cutters. Planning officer Liz Arnold said while some residents would receive less light, this was outweighed by the benefits to the conservation area in bringing a derelict site back into use.Cllr Cattell said the loss of light to neighbouring properties was not as severe as had been made out.Novelist POLLY SAMSON reveals for the first time her private torment over the imprisonment of her son after the student riots, and how her gilded life with her husband, Pink Floyd frontman David Gilmour was rocked to the core Most people’s relationships are, to some degree, an attraction of opposites, and the marriage of novelist Polly Samson and her rock-star husband David Gilmour is no exception.While they have much to bind them – their large extended family, their songwriting collaborations and their aversion to too many glitzy show-business parties, for starters – their outlook could not be in greater contrast.

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